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Take Your Cabaret Club to the Top! The Cabaret Club Management Sim Returns!

In 1988, Goro Majima brought Club Sunshine to the top of the cabaret world, and in 2006, Sotenbori's cabaret scene is as fiery as ever! One of the most popular minigames in Yakuza 0 returns to the forefront with gameplay changes, a new host of hostesses, and a drama not even Kazuma Kiryu is prepared for.


Walking down the street as he does, Kazuma Kiryu is accosted by the owner of the Club Four Shine, none other than the legendary hostess of Sotenbori, Yuki. With Four Shine in desperate need of a manager, Kiryu agrees to help staff the club for a night, only to discover that a sinister plot is at work behind the scenes. The Kanzaki Group, the most powerful conglomerate of clubs in the region, has issued a challenge to Four Shine: enter the Cabaret Club Grand Prix and prove it has the right to exist, or fade into obscurity under its heel. Yuki steels herself for a tough fight. But will you have what it takes to help her? 

Running Your Club

In this minigame, it's up to you to act as the manager of your own hostess club, assigning your hostesses to tables based on their tastes, helping your girls out with new orders or trouble customers, and making your clientele happy enough to pay big money! All new to Yakuza Kiwami 2 is the potential system, where young, inexperienced girls might cave under pressure, but high-leveled masters of the trade can turn the tables with special skills.

Take On the Cabaret Club Grand Prix!

A national competition hosted by cabaret clubs across the country, you'll work your way through the four leagues, culminating in a championship battle with that league's ultimate rival!

The Fresh League: Where clubs begin their journey to find their identity.

The Paradise League: A group of clubs who put the party life above all else.

The Executive League: A league of refined tastes where only the highest quality service will suffice.

The Millionaire League: Where no expense can be spared.

Once you've conquered the leagues, you'll earn the right to challenge the final club... the all-powerful Kanzaki Group establishment, Club Sunshine.

You're Only as Strong as Your Roster!

To gain new hostesses, you'll need to hit the streets, but there's more than one way to hire! Recruitment Ads: Put a little money behind an ad and see who answers the call! You might snag a diamond in the rough, or you could end up with no response at all... That's the hostess trade for you!

Substories: As they say, one good turn deserves another. By helping out around the city, you might be able to recruit people to your staff you never would have thought possible. And sometimes, their abilities go a long way in the club!

Local Partners: By partnering up with local businesses, your customer base will grow, and that's crucial to advancing through the Grand Prix! New to Yakuza Kiwami 2 is an icon denoting what stores can become partners.

Rival Hostesses Stand in Your Way!