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All New Minigames, including Virtual-On and... Toylets!?

Introducing Toylets, the SEGA Interactive electronic display that turns relieving yourself into a relief! Choose from two minigames to play with your stream, including "The North Wind and the Sun... and Me", where you'll take control of the pervy north wind, and "Splash Battle! Milky Nose". Make sure Kiryu drinks his fluids in order to excel at these games!

Strap into your Virtuaroid in this 1995 arcade classic where massive robots battle for dominance. Choose from one of eight Virtuaroids and then shoot, dash, and clash to destroy the opponent! 

The staple of the series returns with some brand new jams! You can of course invite hostesses to come and sing with you, but this time, you've got Haruka on speed-dial. Or heck, why not give Majima a call? Word on the street is that he's been working on a passionate new ballad!


The Yokobori Golf Center in Sotenbori gets an all-new take on golf in the Dragon Engine. Play Closest to the Pin Challenges to see how close you can get, or go for the bingo by hitting balls into a 3x3 grid.

Batting Center

A familiar series staple returns with the improvements made for Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. Challenge an all-new Home Run Course to see if you've got what it takes to knock it out of the park!


Mahjong has never been more accessible than it is in the Dragon Engine! Sit down at a table and gamble on your wits to complete hands and go out in a blaze of blue flaming glory!


Do you fancy chess? Why not try shogi? It's a different twist on a piece-based strategy game that will make chess or checkers players soon feel right at home. Challenge yourself to learn a new game!

The Casino Returns

Back by popular demand, duck into a shady casino and bet your future on high-stakes games of Blackjack or Poker!

Japanese Gambling Games

Also returning to the scene is koi-koi and oicho-kabu! Trade in some yen for wooden tags and see what you can do to strike it rich!